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Within the Shadow of Stone

Author: Sheri L. McGathy
Genre: Fantasy
Reviewed by Kim Richards

10080406This is a charming fantasy tale where the magic of two time periods come together to save the world. A young girl, Bree, becomes the only priestess of an abandoned religion. She and her grandfather seek to restore the religion, their clans, and the well being of their beloved ancestral lands.

Aided by countless fairies, nymphs, and Bree's goddess, Hertha, she travels with the band of Reformers hot on her heels. These enforcers of religious intolerance are led by a boy of her clan who still loves her, in a possessive way. He serves a resurrected commander who, in turn, serves Hertha's rival, a deity named Blight.

The best part of this story is that Bree has her own personal spirit warrior. Though we are led to believe Bree is the key to this world's salvation, the spirit warrior--Nathan--plays just as crucial role in bringing all the necessary components into play. He faces an enemy from his past. Through all this, he earns his corporeal life back along with Bree's love.

There's lots of magic, sword fights and interesting bits of humanity throughout this tale. It might be too light for some people but I enjoyed it immensely.


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